Hold'em Genius | Get the Edge!

Hold'em Genius | Get the Edge!

Many software applications are designed to calculate the moves of the poker game through which the players can play the game with ease. These calculators help in making the possible predictions as to the wise moves the player can take during the game.

It calculates the moves using complex algorithms and most of the time results in a winning strategy. One such effective software which can bring laurels to the player is the holdem genius. It is the most advanced calculator and can be considered a most useful weapon in the hands of the player who aspires to win the game.

Playing technically perfect game with the holdem genius is sure to bring success to the player without fail. The predictions the calculator makes is based on complex algorithms taking into consideration the position, playing style, fold depth, pot odds and the cards. Holdem genius automatically reads the players moves and that of his opponents and thus there is very little need for the player to input the necessary information.

You need a license to use the holdem genius software and this is available for free from the links available in the poker rooms. You can also purchase this license for a fee using your credit card from the sites. Holdem genius can be used in almost 100 poker rooms. And new ones are added to the list and updated regularly. Complete list of the poker rooms that support holdem genius is also available online.

What’s more you even stand to get a bonus when you make your first deposit after signing up for a free holdem genius license. Many players might have doubts as to whether this holdem genius is legal and some feel it is a kind of cheating. But this application is not meant to cheat as it does not play the game nor does it violate any rules and regulations of the game.

It just gives poker odds and uses only that information that you already have. It neither shares information with other players nor reads their cards it just calculates the possible moves that the player can take.

Most of all holdem genius can be played on play money as well as the real money tables. As most people think the holdem genius does not use the Monte Carlo method, according to which it randomly calculates the moves. This software uses proprietary predictive algorithm and the advice given to the player is based on this calculation.

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