Download Poker Crusher Free!

Download Poker Crusher Free!

Many game calculators are introduced from time to time making the brain work of the player much easier. He need not break his head about his opponent’s playing style or cross his fingers and pray to lady luck to make him win.

Winners are made and there are no born losers. Using such highly technical applications and tools anyone can win the game of poker without much complication. More lively and entertaining software solutions for the game of poker can make the game more interesting and much sort after.

On this line the poker crusher is software which can bring before you the other players moves, styles and game strategies. As the name denotes it crushes the competition in the game by openly comparing the player’s movements.

Poker crusher true to its name can identify automatically the players at the table and assign them unique icons to display their discreet playing styles. Some easily identifiable styles are shark calling station, green fish etc.

Once you start using the poker crusher you will find innumerable information on the opponent’s hands. This software supports more than 100 poker rooms and can identify the softest tables on the net and rank them. The greatest advantage of this application is that you come to know how many of your opponents are losing or how many are having a winning playing style.

It is possible to compare you performance with others and change your style accordingly. You can identify your shortcomings and increase your profits by setting them right. The poker crusher’s database is huge and is updated every 5 minutes.

This application can track Texas Holdem with its entire limit, no limit, pot limit and tournament games. A free 5 day trial version is available and all those players who wish to subscribe or renew their poker crusher should follow the links available at the site.

When you subscribe you will get a confirmation email and the account will be active within a minute. You can even cancel a subscription if you find fault with the application or maybe you are not satisfied by the end result of the products performance.

Poker crusher thus empowers the player by providing the movements of the opponents thus instilling a confidence and inspiration that ONE CAN WIN.

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