Confused By Texas Hold’em Poker Slang

Confused By Texas Hold’em Poker Slang

If you are new to the poker scene and you would like to play are a bit shy and do not want to look “green” then it is probably time that you learned all the slang and sayings and what they mean exactly. Do not worry as it is not like learning a new language and when you pick it up there will be a few people sitting around the table who will take note that you know your stuff.

The most common terms that are used are ole one eye, quads and trips. The first represents the notorious one eyed jack while the second means that you have four of a kind and the thirds means that you have three of a kind. All these terms are simple and most should know these well anyway but if you are looking to impress rather than just say you have a pair of aces then below is a list of the cards and their appropriate slang terms.

J  –  J  A pair of jacks can be called hooks, jokers or jerky Joe’s.

Q – Q A pair of queens is usually called the dirty duo, the Hilton’s, the twins and the ladies.

K – K A pair of kings is known to be called penn and teller, Elvis Presley’s and cowboys.

A – A Pairs of aces are called pocket rockets.

There are some rather funny names when it comes to some of the other card groupings and below I have listed them. If you think the ones listed above are bad just wait till you see what these have to offer.

2 – 2 A pair of twos are called deuces or ducks.

3 – 3 A pair of threes are called crabs or prom night.

6 – 9 A six and a nine are called top or bottom, big lick and delight.

K – J A king and a jack are simply called kojak.

A – J An ace and a jack are either called an apple fritter or apple jacks.

This slang can help you but only to a certain extent. To be a truly good poker player you should make sure that you learn a few more terms as this then shows that you have been playing for a long time and you mean business. The slang below is referring to a stage during the game.

The Flop

The flop is the stage of the game when the community cards are dealt. The first time the dealer draws cards after the initial deal, three cards are placed face up in the middle of the table. These are called the flop.

He Is Seeing The Flop

This phrase means that the player will stay in the game until they have seen the flop cards then they will decide on a tactic.

He Is Hitting The Flop

This means that the player is able to put a good hand together after seeing the flop cards and possibly have a winning hand.

The Post Flop Is Up

This describes an action that means a player did not bet on his cards until after he had seen the flop cards.

It Is Coming Down To The River

This where the action gets tense as the river is the last card to be drawn face up and this could be the card that gives you a winning hand or someone else a winning hand.

These are all terms that you can use in the game and once you know your terms you will be able to talk like a pro.

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