Calculatem Pro | Ultimate Poker Calculator

Calculatem Pro | Ultimate Poker Calculator

Calculatem Pro automatically guides you through every situation while playing the game. Be it a fold depth, position, or pod odds this calculator can read not only your moves but also of the others and offer the best possible winning move. Moreover this calculates pro supports more than 100 poker rooms and it is being upgraded regularly.

Obtaining license for calculates pro can be done in two very easy steps. Signing up with one of the affiliated free license offer page can get you a free license. Read carefully through the information given at every step and fill up the details. You can also purchase the license by ordering directly from the order page. Either of the two steps can be followed for renewing the license every year when it expires as the license will not be renewed automatically.

The most important factor to be noted is that calculatem pro is not meant to cheat in a game. It just calculates and provides timely advice when you play the game. Therefore there is no fear of violating the rules or game policies. It is the safest tool as it uses the proprietary predictive algorithm and the advice it gives is based on this calculation.

Pot counts are needed for a high percentage and skillful poker game. This mathematically complex calculation confuses many people. Simple calculators cannot handle such complex work but calculatem pro efficiently manages these complex calculations by handling the basic hand odds and pot odds.

These predictions can be extremely useful in the long run as they are accurate and gives the player 75% winning chance in a game. Chances are that you can take almost 3 out of 4 pots during a Texas Hold Em hand. This software is programmed to run in windows vista, XP, Mac 0S9 and OSX. Players who have used this software are positive about the efficiency and advantages of using this great tool for playing the game.

Satisfied customers who have used this software feels that this calculator is a complete and powerful solution for playing a winning game as it helps the player out with not only the basics but also with pot odds which is what a player needs to play good poker.

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